Alpha & Omega Cannabis Solutions Announces New Custom Enhancements to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for the Cannabis Industry


DALLAS, TX, March 22, 2020 – Alpha & Omega Cannabis Solutions, LLC announced today it has completed the development of several enhancements and integrations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central tailored for the Cannabis industry.

Kenneth Lockhart, President & CEO had this to say regarding their integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: “The Cannabis industry has unique needs from a technology and accounting standpoint. With strict compliance, regulation, and deeper oversite into operations than the average small business, companies in this industry can not rely on out of the box applications like Quickbooks and other small business accounting solutions. Managing inventory, procurement, product delivery, etc. are complex and requires a more robust ERP solution. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers these solutions to businesses in a low-cost subscription model. Alpha & Omega Cannabis Solutions has developed fully integrated enhancements that are specific to the Cannabis Industry, meeting those specialized needs and demands of the industry.”

Kyle Swafford, Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer states, “Alpha & Omega Cannabis Solutions mission is to be a one stop shop for Cannabis businesses to get the technology and accounting support they need for a fraction of the cost most businesses will pay. With our custom extensions to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central designed for the Cannabis industry, robust point of sale solutions, cutting edge e-commerce solutions and more, small businesses gain the presence the big businesses have for a fraction of the cost. Solutions like Quickbooks or other online accounting software can help you get by, but a solution like Microsoft Business Central with the Cannabis Industry specific enhancements we offer, will optimize your efforts and allow you more direct insight into your costs, inventory management, and productivity.”

James Ryer, Vice President of Marketing and Chief Information Officer indicated, “Alpha & Omega Cannabis Solutions is in business to relieve Cannabis businesses of the many headaches that can plague them as they grow. Rising costs for hardware, software, and information technology support, navigating the “cloud”, managing their IT resources, these things can be very daunting and take up inordinate amounts of time for business owners. At Alpha & Omega Cannabis Solutions, our job from day one is to step in and be the life raft for those businesses when it comes to meeting their technology needs. We take this mission very seriously. We will never call in sick when it comes to managing their IT needs.”


Alpha and Omega Cannabis Solutions was founded by Kenneth Lockhart to address a growing need for business in the Cannabis Industry. Ken recognized that these businesses were growing at a phenomenal rate and lacked much of the technology and business solutions needed to manage that growth. Ken who previously founded Lockhart & Associates is a serial entrepreneur with an extensive background in ERP and systems implementations as well as Information Technology Services. Headquartered in Dallas, TX, with additional presence in the DC Metro area and southern California, Alpha & Omega Cannabis Solutions has a team of 10 employees and relationships with multiple technology partners and providers including Microsoft, Square Point of Sale Solutions, Shopify E-Commerce Solutions, Datawatch Security Solutions and more. Alpha & Omega Cannabis Solutions provides all Information Technology products and services as well as accounting services and solutions any Cannabis company could need. They are the “one-stop-shop” for the Cannabis Industry.


James Ryer, Vice President of Marketing and Chief Information Officer

Alpha & Omega Cannabis Solutions

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