The Alpha & Omega Difference

Who we are:

  • A team of recognized experts in operations and businesses and the application of information technology in the industries  we serve.
  • People with quantifiable success who advise owners of businesses in the Cannabis Industry.
  • People who understand your decisions will have impacts for years even decades.
  • People who have been the heads of large IT organizations, run significant operations as well their own entrepreneurial enterprises.
  • People who have faced budget shortfalls, impending regulations and formidable personnel decisions.
  • People who know first hand the complexities of implementing enterprise solutions in challenging environments and for growing small businesses.
  • People with a 24/7 commitment, not an eight-hour work day.

Who we are continued:

  • A team which will help you achieve success and provide solutions to meet your over all operation or business needs.
  • A team whose clients call them trusted partners.
  • An indispensable advisor to senior level executives
  • A partner who focuses on and improves your business or operation through the application of Cloud solutions.
  • An approach to your environment centered around risk sharing and standing behind today’s decisions for tomorrow’s gain.
  • A consultancy which builds a community within the industries we support.